Customink VS Teespring: A Comparison of Custom T-Shirt Platforms

Custom t-shirts have become a popular way for individuals and businesses to express their unique style and promote their brands. With the rise of e-commerce platforms, creating and selling custom t-shirts has become more accessible than ever before. In this article, we will explore two prominent platforms in the custom t-shirt industry: Customink and Teespring.

Customink and Teespring are online platforms that enable users to design and customize their own t-shirts and other apparel. Whether you’re an individual looking to create a personalized t-shirt or a business seeking to launch a merchandise line, these platforms offer a range of options to bring your designs to life.

Customink is a well-established platform that has gained recognition for its comprehensive customization tools and high-quality products. With a user-friendly design studio, diverse product selection, and a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Customink has become a go-to choice for many individuals and businesses.

Teespring, on the other hand, has made a name for itself as a popular print-on-demand platform. It offers an easy-to-use interface, extensive integration options, and a strong emphasis on enabling entrepreneurs to launch their own e-commerce businesses. Teespring’s platform is designed to simplify the process of creating and selling custom t-shirts, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a hassle-free experience.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the features, design options, product quality, pricing structures, marketing tools, customer support, and integration capabilities of Customink and Teespring. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the similarities, differences, and unique offerings of these platforms, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to creating and selling custom t-shirts.

Understanding Customink and Teespring

Customink VS Teespring

Customink: Customink is a renowned platform that provides a wide range of features, services, and customization options to create and sell custom t-shirts. The platform offers a user-friendly design studio that allows users to upload their own artwork, add text, and choose from a variety of fonts and design elements. Customink also provides pre-made templates and clipart for those seeking design inspiration.

In addition to t-shirts, Customink offers an extensive selection of other apparel and customized products such as hoodies, hats, bags, and more. This enables users to create a complete merchandise line tailored to their specific needs. Customink takes pride in its commitment to delivering high-quality products, ensuring that the designs come out vibrant and long-lasting.

Teespring: Teespring is a popular print-on-demand platform that simplifies the process of creating and selling custom t-shirts. The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows users to design their products easily. Teespring provides various customization options, including the ability to add text, images, and artwork to t-shirts and other apparel items.

While Teespring primarily focuses on t-shirts, it also offers a range of other merchandise options such as tank tops, hoodies, and accessories. This versatility allows users to expand their product offerings beyond t-shirts alone. Teespring’s platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with e-commerce platforms, making it easy for users to set up their online stores and start selling their custom products.

Comparison of Target Audiences and Customer Base: Customink and Teespring cater to slightly different target audiences. Customink is well-suited for individuals, small businesses, and organizations looking for high-quality custom apparel. It appeals to those who value customization options, product quality, and excellent customer service. Customink has established a strong presence in the corporate and group apparel market, with many businesses and teams using their services.

Teespring, on the other hand, targets individuals and entrepreneurs seeking a hassle-free way to create and sell custom products. It appeals to those interested in launching their own e-commerce businesses without the need for inventory management or upfront costs. Teespring’s platform is designed to support creators, influencers, and online entrepreneurs looking to monetize their designs and build a brand.

Both Customink and Teespring have a diverse customer base, but their primary focus and appeal may differ based on the specific needs and preferences of the individuals or businesses using their services.

Design and Customization Options

Customink provides users with a comprehensive set of design and customization tools to bring their ideas to life. Let’s take a closer look at the features and options offered by Customink’s design studio:

  1. Design Studio and its Features: Customink’s design studio is a user-friendly interface that allows users to create and customize their t-shirt designs. It provides a range of tools and functionalities to make the design process seamless and enjoyable. Users can access the design studio directly from Customink’s website and start designing their custom t-shirts.
  2. Pre-made Templates and Clipart: For those seeking design inspiration or looking to save time, Customink offers a library of pre-made templates and clipart. These ready-to-use design elements can be customized further to suit individual preferences. The templates cover a wide range of themes and styles, providing options for various occasions and purposes.
  3. Uploading Custom Artwork or Designs: Customink enables users to upload their own artwork, designs, or logos to be printed on their t-shirts. This feature allows for complete creative freedom and personalization. Users can ensure that their t-shirts reflect their unique brand identity or artistic vision by incorporating their original designs seamlessly into the customization process.

Teespring offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that simplifies the design and customization process. Here are the key aspects of Teespring’s design tools:

  1. Design Features and Functionalities: Teespring provides a range of design features and functionalities to customize t-shirts and other products. Users can add text, images, and artwork to their designs using the platform’s easy-to-use interface. The design tools allow for resizing, repositioning, and adjusting various elements to achieve the desired look.
  2. Adding Text, Images, and Artwork: Teespring enables users to add text with different fonts, colors, and effects to their designs. Additionally, users can upload their own images or choose from Teespring’s library of design assets to enhance their t-shirt designs. This flexibility allows for personalization and creativity, ensuring that the final product meets the user’s expectations.
  3. Creating Design Variants for Multiple Products: One notable feature of Teespring is the ability to create design variants for multiple products. Users can create a single design and apply it to different merchandise options such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more. This simplifies the process of expanding the product line and offers customers a variety of options to choose from.

Overall, both Customink and Teespring provide users with powerful design and customization tools. Customink’s focus on a user-friendly design studio, pre-made templates, and the ability to upload custom artwork caters to individuals and businesses seeking a highly personalized experience. Teespring’s intuitive design tools, flexibility in adding text and artwork, and the ability to create design variants make it a convenient choice for those looking to create and sell a diverse range of custom products.

Product Quality and Selection

Customink is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality products. Let’s examine the product quality and selection offered by Customink:

  1. Range of T-Shirt Styles, Materials, and Colors: Customink provides a wide variety of t-shirt styles, including crew neck, V-neck, long sleeve, and more. These options allow users to choose the style that best fits their preferences and target audience. Additionally, Customink offers an extensive range of materials, such as cotton, polyester blends, and performance fabrics, ensuring there is a suitable option for different needs. Furthermore, Customink offers a diverse color palette, enabling users to select from a broad spectrum of hues to match their design vision.
  2. Availability of Other Apparel and Customized Products: In addition to t-shirts, Customink offers a range of other apparel options to expand the merchandise line. This includes sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, hats, bags, and more. By providing a diverse selection, Customink allows users to create a cohesive brand image across different products and cater to varying customer preferences.
  3. Additional Features, Such as Eco-Friendly Options: Customink recognizes the importance of sustainability and offers eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious customers. These options may include organic cotton t-shirts or products made from recycled materials. By incorporating eco-friendly choices into their product lineup, Customink caters to users who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

Teespring also places emphasis on providing quality products to its customers. Let’s explore the product quality and selection offered by Teespring:

  1. Different Types of T-Shirts and Clothing Offered: Teespring offers a range of t-shirt options to suit different styles and preferences. This includes classic unisex t-shirts, fitted t-shirts, premium quality options, and more. By offering a variety of t-shirt types, Teespring ensures that users can select the most suitable option for their target audience and design aesthetics.
  2. Available Materials, Styles, and Color Options: Teespring provides various materials for their t-shirts, such as cotton, polyester, and blends, giving users flexibility in choosing the fabric that best aligns with their desired comfort, durability, and print quality. Additionally, Teespring offers a range of styles, including different necklines and sleeve lengths, allowing users to customize the look and feel of their t-shirts. Moreover, Teespring offers an extensive selection of colors, ensuring a broad palette to match various design choices and customer preferences.
  3. Unique Product Offerings or Special Features: Teespring may introduce unique product offerings or special features from time to time. These may include limited-edition designs, collaborations with artists or influencers, or special collections tied to specific events or causes. These offerings provide users with exclusive options to create standout designs and cater to specific niche markets.

Both Customink and Teespring prioritize product quality and offer a diverse selection of t-shirts and other apparel. Customink’s focus on a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, along with its eco-friendly options, allows for customization and appeals to environmentally conscious customers. Teespring, on the other hand, provides various t-shirt types, materials, and styles, and may introduce unique product offerings or special features, giving users flexibility and opportunities for creative expression.

Pricing and Profitability

When considering the pricing structures of Customink and Teespring, several factors come into play. Let’s examine the key aspects of their pricing models for creating and selling custom t-shirts:

Pricing Models for Creating Custom T-Shirts: Customink offers a quote-based pricing model, where the cost of creating custom t-shirts depends on factors such as the quantity ordered, the complexity of the design, the type of t-shirt selected, and any additional customization options. Users can request a quote from Customink’s website based on their specific requirements.

Teespring, on the other hand, operates on a base cost plus profit margin model. Users can set their selling price above the base cost, and the difference between the selling price and the base cost becomes the profit margin. This allows users to determine their desired profit per t-shirt and adjust the selling price accordingly.

  1. Additional Costs, Such as Shipping or Fulfillment Fees: Both Customink and Teespring may have additional costs beyond the base pricing. Shipping fees can vary depending on the destination and shipping method chosen. It’s important for users to consider these costs when setting the selling price to ensure profitability. Additionally, users should be aware of any applicable fulfillment fees or charges for services like packaging and handling.
  2. Insights into Profit Margins and Earnings Potential: The profit margins and earnings potential for custom t-shirt sales on Customink and Teespring can vary based on several factors. These factors include the selling price set by the user, the base cost of production, the quantity of t-shirts sold, and any associated fees. It is essential for users to carefully consider their pricing strategy, target market, and sales volume to estimate their potential profit margins and overall earnings.

It’s worth noting that while Customink provides a quote-based pricing model, users can work closely with their dedicated customer service representatives to get a clearer understanding of the cost breakdown and profit potential. On the other hand, Teespring offers a transparent base cost plus profit margin model, allowing users to have more control over their pricing and profit margins.

Ultimately, the profitability of custom t-shirt sales on both Customink and Teespring depends on the user’s pricing strategy, marketing efforts, target market, and overall sales performance. It is recommended for users to carefully evaluate the costs, profit margins, and earnings potential of each platform to make informed decisions that align with their business goals and objectives.

Marketing and Promotion

When it comes to marketing custom t-shirts through Customink, several strategies can help boost visibility and drive sales. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Exploring Customink’s Built-in Promotional Tools and Integrations: Customink provides built-in promotional tools and integrations to enhance your marketing efforts. Utilize features such as email marketing campaigns, discounts, and promotions to engage your audience and incentivize purchases. Additionally, take advantage of integrations with social media platforms, e-commerce websites, and other marketing channels to reach a wider audience.
  2. Discussing the Effectiveness of Social Media Sharing and Campaigns: Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting custom t-shirts. Share compelling visuals of your designs, engage with your audience through contests or giveaways, and leverage influencer collaborations to expand your reach. Encourage customers to share photos of themselves wearing your t-shirts and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility and user-generated content.
  3. Highlighting Success Stories or Case Studies from Customink Users: Customink has a vast customer base, and showcasing success stories or case studies can provide social proof and inspire confidence in potential customers. Share testimonials or stories of businesses, organizations, or individuals who have successfully utilized Customink to create and sell custom t-shirts. Highlight unique designs, creative marketing strategies, and positive outcomes to demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness.

When marketing custom t-shirts through Teespring, certain strategies can help maximize exposure and drive sales. Consider the following approaches:

  1. Discussing Teespring’s Promotional Features and Marketing Options: Teespring offers promotional features and marketing options to support your sales efforts. Take advantage of discount codes, limited-time offers, or bundling deals to incentivize purchases. Use Teespring’s built-in email marketing tools to nurture your audience and keep them informed about new designs or promotions. Additionally, consider utilizing Teespring’s Boosted Network feature, which can help increase visibility by showcasing your designs on partner platforms.
  2. Exploring the Benefits of Integrating with Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms play a crucial role in marketing custom t-shirts. Leverage Teespring’s social media integrations to seamlessly connect your Teespring store with your social media profiles. This allows for easy sharing of your designs and enables customers to purchase directly from social media platforms. Engage with your audience, collaborate with influencers, and run targeted ad campaigns to reach potential customers on these platforms.
  3. Highlighting Successful Campaigns or Case Studies from Teespring Users: Teespring has a community of successful sellers who have achieved remarkable results. Showcase their success stories and case studies to inspire and encourage others. Highlight unique marketing strategies, design concepts, or niche targeting that contributed to their success. This social proof can instill confidence in potential customers and demonstrate the potential profitability of using Teespring for custom t-shirt sales.

By leveraging the built-in promotional tools, social media integration, and success stories from Customink and Teespring, you can effectively market your custom t-shirts and increase your brand’s visibility and sales potential. Experiment with different marketing techniques, track your results, and refine your strategies based on customer feedback and market trends.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Customink strives to provide excellent customer support and ensure customer satisfaction throughout the ordering process. Let’s evaluate the customer support options and satisfaction levels associated with Customink:

  1. Availability of Customer Service Channels: Customink offers multiple channels for customer support, including phone, email, and live chat. Customers can reach out to Customink’s dedicated support team to get assistance with their orders, design inquiries, or any other concerns they may have. The availability of various channels allows customers to choose the most convenient method of communication.
  2. Exploring Customer Reviews and Ratings for Customink’s Services: To assess customer satisfaction, it is beneficial to explore customer reviews and ratings of Customink’s services. This can provide insights into the experiences of past customers and their level of satisfaction. Online review platforms, social media, and testimonials on Customink’s website are potential sources to gauge the overall sentiment of customers who have utilized Customink’s services.
  3. Highlighting Any Unique Support Features or Guarantees: Customink offers certain unique support features and guarantees to enhance the customer experience. These may include guarantees related to product quality, on-time delivery, or satisfaction. Customink’s commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service contributes to customer satisfaction.
  1. Evaluation of Teespring’s Customer Support and Satisfaction:

Teespring also places importance on customer support and satisfaction to ensure a positive experience for its users. Let’s evaluate the available customer service options and satisfaction levels associated with Teespring:

  1. Discussing the Available Customer Service Options: Teespring offers customer support through email and an online help center. Users can contact Teespring’s support team via email for assistance with order-related inquiries, design issues, or general questions. The online help center provides resources such as FAQs, guides, and troubleshooting information to address common concerns.
  2. Exploring Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Levels: To gauge customer satisfaction, it can be helpful to review customer feedback and ratings related to Teespring’s services. This can be done by examining customer reviews on online platforms, social media, or by referring to testimonials on Teespring’s website. Evaluating the overall sentiment and experiences of customers can provide insights into their level of satisfaction.
  3. Highlighting Any Distinctive Support Features or Policies: Teespring may have distinctive support features or policies that contribute to customer satisfaction. These may include guarantees related to order accuracy, product quality, or customer service responsiveness. By adhering to such policies, Teespring aims to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust with its users.

Both Customink and Teespring recognize the significance of customer support and satisfaction. Customink provides multiple customer service channels, positive customer experiences, and unique support features or guarantees. Teespring offers email support and resources through its help center while striving to meet customer expectations. By considering the available support options and assessing customer feedback, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

Integration and E-commerce Platforms

Customink offers integration options to facilitate seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms and streamline the order fulfillment process. Let’s explore the integration options provided by Customink:

  1. Compatibility with Popular E-commerce Platforms: Customink integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, enabling users to integrate their Customink store with their existing online store. This compatibility allows for easy synchronization of products, inventory management, and order fulfillment. By integrating with platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce, users can efficiently manage their custom t-shirt sales alongside other products and streamline the customer experience.
  2. Third-Party Integrations for Marketing or Fulfillment: Customink also provides third-party integrations to support marketing efforts and fulfillment processes. These integrations may include marketing platforms, social media channels, or print-on-demand services. By leveraging these integrations, users can enhance their marketing strategies, expand their reach, and automate the fulfillment process, saving time and effort.

Teespring offers integration options and e-commerce capabilities to support users in setting up their online stores and effectively managing their custom t-shirt sales. Let’s explore the integration and e-commerce features provided by Teespring:

  1. Teespring’s Integrations with Various Platforms: Teespring integrates with various e-commerce platforms, making it easy for users to connect their Teespring store with their preferred platform. By integrating with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Etsy, users can sync their products, manage inventory, and automate order fulfillment. This integration ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for users operating their online stores.
  2. Additional E-commerce Features or Functionalities: In addition to platform integrations, Teespring offers additional e-commerce features and functionalities. For instance, Teespring provides a customizable storefront where users can showcase their designs and manage their product listings. Users can also access sales analytics and performance data to gain insights into their business and make data-driven decisions.

Teespring’s e-commerce capabilities extend beyond integrations by providing users with a dedicated platform to manage their custom t-shirt business. The combination of integrations with various e-commerce platforms and additional features offered by Teespring allows users to establish and run their online stores with ease.

By utilizing Customink’s integration options, users can seamlessly connect their Customink store with popular e-commerce platforms and leverage third-party integrations for marketing and fulfillment purposes. Teespring offers integration with various e-commerce platforms and provides additional e-commerce functionalities on its dedicated platform, empowering users to establish and manage their online stores effectively. Users can choose the platform that aligns best with their existing infrastructure and business requirements.

Analyzing the Strategies and Approaches Used by These Businesses:

These success stories highlight various strategies and approaches that businesses have employed to achieve success with their custom t-shirt campaigns. Some common factors contributing to their achievements include:

  1. Compelling Designs: Businesses focused on creating eye-catching and unique designs that resonated with their target audience. Customink’s design studio and Teespring’s design tools provided the flexibility and customization options necessary for bringing these designs to life.
  2. Effective Marketing: Successful businesses utilized various marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and leveraging their existing audience or customer base. They strategically promoted their custom t-shirts, generated buzz, and engaged with their target audience.
  3. Integration and Ease of Use: Integrating the custom t-shirt sales with existing e-commerce platforms allowed businesses to streamline their operations and provide a seamless customer experience. Customink’s compatibility with popular e-commerce platforms and Teespring’s integration capabilities simplified the process of managing orders, inventory, and fulfillment.
  4. Niche Targeting and Engagement: Several businesses achieved success by targeting specific niches and engaging with their audience on a personal level. This approach fostered a strong connection with their customers, resulting in increased brand loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, and repeat purchases.

By analyzing these strategies and approaches, businesses can gain insights into successful tactics that can be adapted to their own custom t-shirt campaigns. It’s important to note that each business’s success is unique and depends on various factors such as target audience, industry, and marketing strategies. Therefore, it is recommended for businesses to analyze their specific goals, target market, and resources to devise a tailored approach that aligns with their objectives.


Customink and Teespring are both popular platforms for creating and selling custom t-shirts, each with its own unique features and offerings. Let’s recap the key differences between Customink and Teespring and consider factors to help choose the right platform for specific needs.

Customink stands out with its comprehensive customization tools, user-friendly design studio, and extensive product selection. It caters to individuals, small businesses, and organizations looking for high-quality custom apparel. Customink’s focus on customer service, availability of pre-made templates, and options for uploading custom artwork make it an excellent choice for those seeking a highly personalized experience.

Teespring, on the other hand, is a print-on-demand platform that simplifies the process of creating and selling custom t-shirts. It appeals to individuals and entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to launch their own e-commerce businesses. Teespring offers an intuitive design interface, the ability to create design variants, and seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms. It provides users with the tools to monetize their designs and build a brand.

When choosing between Customink and Teespring, several factors should be considered. These include the target audience, specific customization requirements, desired product selection, integration needs, marketing strategies, and profitability goals. Assessing these factors will help determine which platform aligns best with your unique needs and objectives.

In the realm of creating and selling custom t-shirts, both Customink and Teespring have proven to be effective platforms with successful user stories. By utilizing their design and customization options, marketing and promotional features, integration capabilities, and providing quality products, individuals and businesses can establish and grow their custom t-shirt ventures.

Ultimately, the choice between Customink and Teespring depends on your specific requirements, preferences, and goals. Whether you prioritize a wide range of customization options, extensive product selection, or seamless e-commerce integration, both platforms offer valuable solutions for creating and selling custom t-shirts.


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