Iplum Vs Sideline: Unveiling the Ultimate VoIP Showdown

IPlum and Sideline offer second phone number services aimed at professionals who need a separate work number on their personal devices. Both provide similar features but have distinct pricing and functionalities.

Managing multiple phone numbers on a single device can be crucial for professionals who want to keep their business and personal communications separate without carrying multiple phones. IPlum and Sideline step in as powerful solutions, each with its set of features, versatility, and pricing strategies to match various user needs.

Whether it’s for privacy, business, or just managing contacts more efficiently, these services provide a simple way for users to add an additional line to their existing mobile device, thereby enhancing communication flexibility. Understanding the differences between iPlum and Sideline can help customers choose the service that best aligns with their specific needs, be it for short-term projects or long-term business use.

Discovering Iplum And Sideline

VoIP technology, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, revolutionized communication by allowing data to be transmitted over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This shift enabled services like iPlum and Sideline to emerge, offering advanced calling and messaging features that leverage the internet for connectivity.

The inception of iPlum traces back to a commitment to creating a cost-effective business communication solution with a dedicated second line. Sideline began with a similar mission, focusing on providing a secondary number for professionals, with features tailored to streamline communication and collaboration.

Feature iPlum Sideline
Second Line Distinct business line Separate number for work
International Calling Low-cost rates Limited support
Text Messaging Unlimited Unlimited
Call Management Auto-attendant & IVR Personalized voicemail
Security Encryption and compliance Standard encryption

Assessing the core services offered by both iPlum and Sideline reveals a persistent focus on delivering a seamless communication experience with added advantages such as call forwarding, custom voicemail, and business hours settings. Yet, their approach to international calling and security protocols marks a noteworthy distinction between them.

Iplum’s Standout Offerings

iPlum distinguishes itself in the virtual phone system market with its robust set of features. Users have the luxury of choosing their own unique phone number, providing a personalized touch that resonates with businesses and individuals alike.

The service shines with its international calling capabilities, offering affordable rates and seamless connectivity across borders. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who frequently engage in global communication, ensuring that they remain connected without incurring exorbitant costs.

Beyond the standard offerings, iPlum has a suite of unique additional features which set it apart from competitors like Sideline. These include but are not limited to enhanced security measures, HIPAA compliance for those in the medical field, and the integration of an auto-attendant to efficiently manage incoming calls.

Sideline’s Notable Functions

Sideline is widely recognized for its second-line addition feature. This essential function allows users to add a second phone line to their existing device, which is ideal for keeping personal and professional communications separate. The benefit of this service is its seamless integration with the user’s current phone, enabling ease of use and convenience without the need for additional hardware.

Another significant advantage of using Sideline is the business texting advantage. This feature supports professionals in maintaining efficient communication with clients, as they are able to send and receive text messages using their secondary business line. This functionality not only enhances client interaction but also helps in organizing contacts and correspondence effectively.

The team collaboration tools provided by Sideline extend its capabilities beyond mere communication. These tools are designed to foster enhanced collaboration among team members. Essential components such as shared contacts, group messaging, and project management functionalities, empower teams to work together efficiently, no matter where they are located. Baseball teams operating remotely find this aspect particularly beneficial for maintaining synergy.

Iplum’s Cost Efficiency

iPlum offers a distinct advantage in terms of cost efficiency when comparing its free and paid plans to those of Sideline. Users can access basic features on iPlum’s free tier, making it an ideal choice for individuals or businesses on a tight budget. The app provides essential functions without the immediate need to invest in a premium subscription.

For more advanced features, iPlum has competitively priced plans that bring additional value through enhanced functionalities. These include business-oriented services, international calling options, and an absence of adverts that often accompany free services. Users can scale their use of the app according to their requirements, ensuring they only pay for the features they need.

Plan Type Feature Access Cost Consideration
Free Limited basic features No monetary commitment
Paid Full feature suite, ad-free experience Varies based on selected plan

Understanding additional charges and credits is crucial. With iPlum, users might encounter extra costs for certain services outside the scope of their selected plan. These can include international calls or additional credits required for specific functions. Transparent pricing policies allow users to manage their expenses efficiently and avoid unexpected charges.

Sideline’s Budget-friendly Solutions

Sideline offers competitive budget-friendly solutions for those seeking a professional phone system without breaking the bank. Their monthly subscription model is designed to cater to various business needs, providing a cost-effective alternative to comparable services. Users can expect straightforward pricing structures that clearly outline the costs associated with different levels of service.

Examining the extra features and their impact on pricing reveals that Sideline’s approach to add-ons is both practical and economical. Essential features are included in the base price, ensuring a robust experience even for those on the tightest of budgets. Additional capabilities can be added as needed, allowing users to customize their service package and maintain control over their monthly expenses.

Navigating Iplum’s Interface

Navigating iPlum’s interface involves a straightforward setup process. Users are guided through a series of steps to configure their account, including selecting a number and setting up voicemail. The user-friendly design emphasizes clarity, with a focus on intuitive navigation. iPlum boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, ensuring users can manage their communication tools with ease.

The app’s usability scores high with its structured layout that facilitates quick access to various features. Key functionalities are prominently displayed, ensuring users don’t have to hunt for what they need. Whether sending texts, making calls, or accessing voicemails, iPlum’s design supports a fluid user experience that is both efficient and enjoyable.

Mastering Sideline’s Platform

Navigating through Sideline’s interface unlocks a streamlined communication experience, setting it apart from competitors like iPlum. Elevate your outreach strategy by harnessing Sideline’s advanced features for effective client engagement and team collaboration.

User-friendly Aspects

Mastering Sideline requires understanding its user-friendly aspects. Navigation is intuitive, enabling users to access features effortlessly. With a simplified interface, tasks like messaging, call management, and contacting customer service are streamlined.

Comparison Of Customer Support Services

Availability24/7 Email SupportBusiness Hours Phone Support, 24/7 Email
Response TimeWithin 24 HoursVaries, often quicker during phone support hours
Knowledge BaseExtensiveLimited
User ForumsAvailableNot Available

Sideline and iPlum offer distinct customer support experiences. Sideline boasts a comprehensive knowledge base and user forums for self-service problem-solving. iPlum differentiates with the option of phone support, though it’s restricted to business hours. Email accessibility around the clock is a shared strength, with Sideline committing to 24-hour response times.

Iplum’s Connectivity Analysis

Iplum is renowned for its exceptional call quality, ensuring crystal-clear communication without interruptions. Users consistently report a premium experience during calls, attributable to the advanced technology that Iplum employs to optimize voice clarity. This commitment to quality has positioned Iplum as a top choice for professionals who cannot afford to compromise on call standards.

Concerning uptime statistics, Iplum boasts an impressive track record. Their service is characterized by high reliability and availability, with minimal downtime. Iplum’s infrastructure is designed to withstand various network conditions, ensuring users remain connected even in the face of technical challenges. These uptime assurances add to the robust nature of the platform’s connectivity offerings.

Sideline’s Consistency Check

Sideline, despite offering compelling features, falls short in certain aspects, particularly in the realm of message delivery speed. Users may experience delays in receiving text messages, which can be a hurdle in time-sensitive communications. On the other hand, iPlum claims faster delivery times, ensuring that messages are transferred with minimal lag.

Concerning the issue of stability across multiple devices, Sideline users have reported inconsistencies. Some encounter difficulties in synchronizing messages across various gadgets, which complicates the user experience. For individuals relying on seamless connectivity across multiple platforms, this inconsistency can be a significant drawback. Although Sideline continuously works to improve their services, current user feedback suggests iPlum provides a more reliable cross-device experience for professionals who need uninterrupted access to their communication channels.

How Iplum Protects Your Data

iPlum takes data security seriously, employing robust encryption standards to safeguard communication. Each call and message is protected using end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the communicating users can access the content. This level of security is identical to what is utilized in financial institutions and is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, providing peace of mind for those handling sensitive information.

The company’s privacy policy clearly outlines its commitment to user privacy. iPlum does not sell personal data to third parties, maintaining a strict policy of not sharing your communication details. They deploy multiple layers of privacy protocols to preserve user anonymity and data integrity, demonstrating their prioritization of user trust and making them a reliable choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Sideline’s Security Measures

Sideline takes user security seriously by implementing two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of protection beyond just a password. This security measure requires users to provide two different types of information before gaining access to their accounts. For example, along with entering a password, a user might also need to enter a code sent to their mobile device.

Moreover, Sideline ensures adherence to stringent privacy laws. Their commitment to safeguarding user data is evident through compliance with various legal frameworks designed to protect personal information. This proactive approach to privacy law compliance helps to maintain users’ trust and avoid legal pitfalls associated with data protection.

Iplum’s Client Testimonials

iPlum has garnered an array of positive client testimonials, vouching for its robust features and exceptional customer service. Many users are vocal about the app’s ability to provide reliable, high-quality call connections, often highlighting the ease of separating business and personal communication on their smartphones. The intuitive interface and affordable pricing are frequently praised features that contribute to user satisfaction.

Despite the overarching positive response, clients have pinpointed areas where iPlum could enhance its offerings. Requests for broader international calling capabilities and expansion of its compatibility with various business tools were noted. Ensuring continuous improvement in these domains could solidify iPlum’s position as a preferred virtual phone system provider.

Sideline’s User Ratings

Sideline enjoys a robust user base and has garnered attention for its distinct features. Users frequently praise its intuitive interface and the ease with which they can manage multiple business lines. Another positive aspect highlighted by customers is the reliability of call quality, ensuring that communications remain professional and clear.

Concerning common critiques, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with customer support, noting delays in response times. Issues with notification consistency have also been mentioned, creating challenges for users who rely on prompt alerts for business communications. Additionally, certain users find the subscription model and its associated costs a bit high given the offered features. These critiques play a crucial role in informing potential users and the ongoing development of the app.

Iplum Vs Sideline: Unveiling the Ultimate VoIP Showdown

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Iplum’s Business-friendly Features

Iplum stands out with its stellar CRM integration capabilities, designed to streamline communication and inject efficiency into business workflows. The platform supports seamless connectivity with a variety of customer relationship management software, ensuring that businesses can maintain comprehensive contact records, automate follow-ups, and track client interactions with ease.

The ability to facilitate scalability is a significant advantage offered by iPlum. As businesses grow, the need for a robust communication system becomes more critical. Iplum rises up to this challenge, offering features that adapt to the changing demands of expanding businesses. The platform allows for easy addition and management of new users, enabling businesses to scale up without disruption to their communication infrastructure.

Sideline As A Business Ally

Sideline distinguishes itself as a significant business ally with features such as work number portability. This function allows companies to transfer their existing business numbers to the Sideline platform with ease, ensuring that clients can maintain a single point of contact without interruption. This seamless transition protects valuable customer relationships and business continuity.

With regards to expansion support, Sideline scales alongside your business growth. The platform’s infrastructure supports the addition of multiple team members and lines, facilitating efficient communication as businesses evolve. Flexibility and scalability lie at the core of Sideline’s offering, making it a robust option for businesses aiming to expand their reach.

Analysing Overall Value

Iplum and Sideline both offer unique benefits, catering to the needs of distinct user groups. Iplum boasts a strong international calling platform, ideal for businesses with a global reach, while Sideline prides itself on local number portability and personalized customer service. The major comparison points touch upon features like:

  • Number Allocation: Iplum provides a second line on your phone, whereas Sideline specializes in using your existing number for business.
  • International Usage: Iplum extends its services globally, making it simpler for international communication.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Both services offer competitive pricing, but their value is determined by the specific needs of the user.
  • Integration: Users need to consider how each service integrates with their existing workflow and technology stack.

Choosing the right service between Iplum and Sideline hinges on understanding one’s communication requirements, whether that’s the importance of a robust international calling feature or the preference of utilizing an existing phone number for professional purposes. Users should weigh the importance of cost against these factors to derive maximum value from their chosen service.


Choosing an ideal second phone number app can significantly boost your communication efficiency. Both iPlum and Sideline pack powerful features tailored for varied user preferences. By weighing their distinct offerings—customization, pricing, and functionality—you can confidently select the service that aligns best with your personal or business needs.

Embrace the right choice to ensure seamless connectivity.


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